No matter where you live or where you go, it seems like the same conversation always pops up. Especially in a car dealership. That conversation is about the price of gas, the average MPGs on vehicles, and what can you do to improve the fuel economy of your automobile.

With uncertainty of what fuel prices will do in the future, combined with people being hesitant to purchase a new vehicle with better fuel economy the most logical choice for most people is to look at different, cost efficient things that can be done to you current automobile to improve your fuel economy.

There are several maintenance items on vehicle that can lead to improved fuel economy. Some of these items include regular oil changes, air filters, spark plugs, alignments, and fuel injection services. While all of these are very good ways to help there are also many other things that you can do on your own to improve it as well.


Combine your trips. Multiple short trips can use almost double the fuel as one long trip the same distance.

Regularly check your tire pressures. Always check tire pressures when tires are cold. The sticker on the driver's door will indicate proper pressure for your vehicle.

Watch your speed. Fuel economy can drop as much as 2% for every mph that you drive over 55. Slowing down can make a huge difference.


These are just a few tips that can help lead to improved fuel economy, and that means more money in your pocket. For more ways to save please contact our service department. Don't forget to visit us on Facebook.

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