Just like the human body, your car needs regular check ups. This is done not necessarily because there is something is wrong, but more importantly to try to prevent future problems. We offer a free multi-point safety inspection every time your vehicle comes in for any service.  

We follow a simple green, yellow, red inspection system which helps you understand the urgency of many of the systems on your car. Naturally a green checkmark indicates a particular item has checked out fine, and requires no attention at this time. A yellow mark is an early warning indicator stating that an item will require attention soon. Sadly a red mark shows an item of your vehicle that requires immediate attention.

After saying that you could imagine you don't want to come in and be told you have an item checked red. That is the greatest benefit to having regular service and check ups done.  In our shop we have a belief that we should never have to give a customer this news last minute. As long as we see your car on a regular basis we will be able to inform you of most concerns well before they become a major problem. This also gives the customer the time to be able to plan for down time on a vehicle, as well as time to budget for future needs.

The old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" proves true in our shop all of the time. Has it been awhile since you have had a check up done on your car? If so please come in and see us, one of a factory trained technicians is waiting to give your car the attention it needs. Remember, the inspections are always free, and no obligation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. Don't forget to visit us on Facebook. We would love to hear your comments on your past experiences!

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